Lakeside Learning Center

Early Intervention & Preschool Services

The Lakeside Learning Center is for children ages birth to five who need to prepare for public school. If you suspect that your child is not walking, talking, playing with toys or other children at the age level they should, then we can help.

Our certified professional teachers and therapists can evaluate your child’s level of progress. If your child needs assistance, we can provide services to you and your child at no cost to you.




Children are transported in comfortable, safety-conscious conversion vans from their homes, to the center, and back, with trained drivers and assisting riders.

Children receive a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and a snack prepared on-site in our cafeteria.

We provide individual and group services to children who receive a specific plan of care written by state-certified teachers and therapists designed to help children grow cognitively, socially, and physically.

All classrooms are specifically designed to promote individual learning and group interaction.

Each classroom has at least two well-trained direct support professionals who work under direct supervision of state-certified early childhood special education teachers.

Each child is assigned a service coordinator who is ready to help parents with all their needs.


Our Mission

The Lakeside Learning Center has 40 years of business experience helping children prepare for the ever-increasing demands placed on them in a public school setting. We will strive to give you and your child every available resource and service that enables them to progress to their maximum potential.

Services are available Monday through Friday 8:30am-2:30pm and transportation is available. Please call today for a free screening!

501-745-4580 or